Dargah Mannat

Dargah Mannat

Mannat means prayer or a vow made to the lord, after fulfilment of which a person makes offerings to the Almighty God.

A devotee of the lord however asks nothing in return, just out of his natural devotion and gratitude towards the saint, he wants to offer something to him. They offer the money in the consciousness that someone who is really in need and is entitled to it will get helped by this

A person making a vow that he will offer some money to the dargah should fulfil his promise. Even if you don’t have any specific project in his mind he should be serving the Dargah requirements like shrine refurnishing activities, repairs in the dargah, new installations, flowers, chaddars, etc.

One important thing to note.

  • If you offer Mannat in Ajmer Dargah and It gets fulfilled then now it is your responsibility that you should offer something in return. This is critical because the Mannat remains on a person as a burden until it is completed. So please get in touch with us in Ajmer Dargah.
  • We've received a number of inquiries from people who have been hesitant to give according to their promise after their wish has been granted! Kindly keep in mind that Mannat is not an easy going thing. You're promising to fulfil (Mannat) a specific wish in the divine spiritual courts.
  • If you want to know about Mannat or have any inquiries We can help you at Ajmer Sharif Dargah. We can help you further in proceeding further with your vow